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SolidWorks Tools - these are some of my own programs and tools for SolidWorks and its environment. Most of them are shareware and you may download and tests them free of charge. Some tools requieres a license for them to work properly after the test period.

SolidWorks Corporation, a Dassault Systèmes S.A. (Nasdaq: DASTY, Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) company, develops and markets mechanical design software solutions. Founded in 1993, SolidWorks’ mission is to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in product development. Only SolidWorks is 100% focused on product design, providing software and services that help manufacturers get new products to market faster.  Innovative, yet proven, SolidWorks software is the standard in 3D.  In seven years of delivering product, SolidWorks has shipped over 250,000 total seats of software worldwide. SolidWorks has offices around the globe and sells, distributes, and supports its products through a worldwide network of resellers. For the latest news, information, or a live online demonstration, visit the company’s Web site ( or call 1-800-693-9000 (outside of North America, call +1-978-371-5000).


Tools and programs

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Batchprint and -convert lists of drawings (even multisheet) with a single click. Many advanced options availible

Version 1.13.2
from 03/23/2022


Macros for PAC4SWX


FAQ and HowTo


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Online licensing is only available until 04/30/2024


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Swtool.gif (1531 Byte)

Version 1.1.5
from 11/11/1999


choose density from list of predefined materials and set it in SolidWorks Overview and complete description

Language files german english spanish

Copy Drawing Options

Version 1.9.0


This excelsheet with its macros is designed to copy SolidWorks options from one document to another.

Beginning with version 1.5 it works for every document type and even for SolidWorks systemoptions.

Preview Bitmap

Version 1.0


Sample sourcecode which shows the preview bitmap in Visual Basic
Version ?? (01/14/2002)


Sample sourcecode which shows the preview bitmap in Visual Basic directly from API-Support. Please read the Preview Bitmap page (VB6 + VC Source)

Macros and code examples

Take this link to the macros and code examples


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