PAC4SWX limitations

There are some limitations with the current version of PAC4SWX:

If you try to open a drawing in view-only mode which has the display list removed (with tools like EcoSqueeze) you get an error message "No SolidWorks document"

It is possible to use some special characters like *,/,\," in sheet names, which are not allowed in file names. PAC4SWX can't save those files (which is a limitation of Windows) and will give a warning instead.

If you open a drawing from a derived part (like base part, mirrored part) SolidWorks will open the referenced part automatically. For PAC4SWX isn't aware of theses parts it can't close them on closing the drawing. The parts will stay opened and you have to close them yourself. Sorry.

If the main window is set to "always on top" the tooltips (the little yellow hint boxes) couldn't be seen, for they are new windows themself and come up behind the main window. At least I don't know a workaround.

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