By using this software you accept the license agreement. This software is shareware, you may use it for testing for 30 days without any fee. After that test period you either must register the software or uninstall and delete it, even if the software behaves normally.

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License fee in Euro: from 29.90 to 99.90 (you may pay in US$ or other currency)

Fee in Euro
each license
1 - 5 99.90
6 - 10 69.90
11 - 25 49.90
26 - 50 39.90
51 - 29.90

If you would like to order SWTools - PAC4SWX Print and convert for SolidWorks, you can order online on the Internet at 


Secure online order:


Please fill in all the necessary data like the name to register and the number of licenses.

For enterprise license or sourcecode there are special offers online:


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Order direct from the author (only special cases)

In special cases (huge amounts of licenses, university or enterprise license, source code) you may order directly by the author

by email (which is preferred) Stefan.Berlitz@swtools.cad.de

or snail mail:

Stefan Berlitz
Henkelshof 2-4
D.42897 Remscheid

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Any questions and hints? Mail to Stefan Berlitz.