PAC4SWX registration dialog

By using this software you accept the license agreement. This software is shareware, you may use it for testing for 30 days without any fee. After that test period you either must register the software or uninstall and delete it, even if the software behaves normally.


PAC4SWX is not freeware or public domain, but shareware.

This means you may test the software for a period of 30 days. After that test you must either register and buy a license or uninstall and deleted this software from your computer.

The registration service is done by ShareIt! online, by phone, fax or snail mail. Companys may choose other options, please have a look at the online forms. For special orders (university, a bunch of licenses (6 and more), enterprise-licenses, source code etc.) you may contact the author directly.

For ordering you have to provide the name which should be used for registration and the number of licenses you wish to order.

Normally you will get your registrationscode within minutes via email.

You have to enter your registration information (i.e. your name and the number of licenses) along with the supplied registration code in the registration dialog (under Help/Registration) Please be sure to provide the correct registration informations.

Online licensing is only available until 04/30/2024

If you have registered but didn't get an answer within 14 days please contact the author directly or look at the list with the registration numbers which couldn't be delivered.

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