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Lesen Sie, was andere Kunden und Nutzer von SWTools über die Makros und Programme sagen:   Read, what other customers and users from SWTools say about the macros and programs.

Elmar Klammer (CADD Manager, about PAC4SWX

1.8 Upgrade - Another proactive innovation!

I would like to congratulate you to another valuable improvement of your indispensable tool. It has saved me hundreds of hours of manual labour. Once more, excellent work! Again, Congratulations!

prior post about other macros

Thank you kindly, your help was excellent. You are indeed an outstanding professional. Your tools and also your contributions to the online forum are very profound and hopefully you will be rewarded for your generous help.

Michael Winter (Datapaq Ltd.) about PAC4SWX

Wow, what a fantastic program, it's much easier and user friendly to use than I could have dreamed of. Why didn't Solidworks think of it ?

Werner Springer (KMK-Miller) über PAC4SWX

Ein mächtiges Tool, dieses neue PAC4SWX. Man kann alle Anwender nur beglückwünschen, die diese Software einsetzen.

Josef Honermann (AME GmbH) über eine Auftragsprogrammierung

Das für uns geschriebene Makro ist mittlerweile erprobt.
Was haben wir nur vorher gemacht ?? :-))
Spart enorm Zeit.


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