PAC4SWX changes

The follwing changes and fixes where made for version:

 1.13.2 03/23/2022

  • New option to select SolidWorks version which should be used or started.
    Options/Use SolidWorks version ... available up to SW2030
  • ATTENTION: no preview bitmaps for document with version SW2018 and higher, because SolidWorks no longer offers 32-Bit-SwDocMgr, which is necessary for all VB6 tools.
 1.13.1 08/07/2019

  • New option to select SolidWorks version which should be used or started.
    Options/Use SolidWorks version ... available up to SW2020
  • ATTENTION: no preview bitmaps for document with version SW2018 and higher, because SolidWorks no longer offers 32-Bit-SwDocMgr, which is necessary for all VB6 tools.
1.13.0 08/23/2016

  • Adjustments for SW2017 (preview bitmaps)
  • New option to select SolidWorks version which should be used or started.
    Options/Use SolidWorks version ...
  • Adjustments for SW2016 (preview bitmaps)
  • Disabled excessive error messages for user defined macros
  • use high quality PNG preview if available
  • adjusted API Calls
  • Adjustments for SW2015, some typos fixed
 1.12.2 03/12/2014

  • Fixed error if macro had already closed the modeldoc
  • Adjustments for SW2014, some typos fixed
 1.12.0 01/16/2013

  • Export models as 3D PDF (use more... button)
  • Sheetsizes for print settings editable, this way you can own sheetsizes for standard SolidWorks sheets
  • Added several TIFF export DPI values
  • Trashed annoying line weight warning for PDF from models
 1.11.0 04/03/2009

  • Added warning, if line weight is set below 0.18mm in SW2009 (SPR 479619)
  • Added direct function buttons in main dialog to bring selected entities in PAC list to top or bottom of the list
  • Added line weight support for PDF export
  • Added line weight support for TIFF export
  • Fixed crash after processing list in SW2009 (run time eroor 91)
  • changed the way line weights are handled
 1.10.3 02/05/2009

  • fix for very rare program termination
  • Check for installed SolidWorks at program start
  • Added support for new (and somewhat strange and pointless) change for line weights based on document.
 1.10.2 05/16/2008

  • Preview for workstation, where only SW2008 was installed, is not working, because SolidWorks don't ship sdm.dll any more. Switch to document manager for preview.
 1.10.1 01/11/2007

  • Don't autoload oldstyle Bluebeam PDF export addon for SolidWorks 2006 SP4.0 and above (resulted in warning dialog for each PDF export in SolidWorks 2008 SP0.0)
  • more 3D export formats added (u3d, 3dxml, xaml)
  • Disable some functions (export) in ViewOnly mode. It is possible to export viewonly documents via API, but this is not supported and you may get very strange results
 1.10.0 03/09/2006

  • Workaround for SolidWorks API error introduced in 2006. The issue is that with File/Pagesetup-systemsettings the papersize and orientation given by API was completly ignored. Fixed.
  • Use (sheet)name filter while generating eDrawings. Only useful with eDrawings Professional. Works with drawings (filter sheets by name) and models (filter configuration by name)
 1.9.0 07/11/2005

  • Added option for DXF/DWG export to use the new function in SolidWorks 2006 for multisheet DXF/DWG
  • Label for active pre/postfix set and label for filter sets added to main dialog
  • Filter sets usuable/turn off in multijobs
  • Now up to 10 different filter sets for sheetnames (enhancement request ... hello to Oldie ;-)
  • Pre/postfixes usuable/turn off in multijobs
  • Added user defined pre- and postfixes. With this the user can add characters before or after the filename when saving which hopefully eliminates the need to rename the files with an additional tool.
  • You can use these substitutions, all other characters will be used like written in the textbox
      :d - day with leeding zero (01 - 31)
      :m - month with leeding zero (01 - 12)
      :y - year with 4 digits (2005)
      :h - hour with leeding zero (00 - 23)
      :n - minute with leeding zero (00 - 59) ATTENTION: not m but n (like in VB)
      :s - second with leeding zero (00 - 59)
  • Workaround for PDF implemented, if addin was not loaded (i.e. if PAC4SWX starts SolidWorks or the addin was not checked). Now PAC4SWX will try to load the addin anyway from the bluebeam installed folder
  • Counter for selected/all entries in printlist in the lower right corner of the paclistbox
  • Folder- and filellistbox at the left side are now resizable vertically
  • Fixed "Drive not ready" error (i.e. no media in CD drive). Drivelistebox will flash red for a short time.
 1.8.1 09/02/2004

  • Warning when deleting missing folder from folder favorites
 1.8.0 04/03/2004

  • Integrated Multijob capabilities. With multijob it is possible to execute several action for the documents in the list (or active document). With the feature to use user-defined macros very complex batch actions are possible
  • Fix: options for export documents (PDF, JPG) not saved for user and configuration files
 1.7.0 11/02/2003

  • Added batch running of user-defined macros. With this unique function you can use PAC4SWX as the batchenvironment for your own macros. Now it is possible to create fast and easy functions for your specific environment.
  • Added function to automatically convert draft quality views in drawings (2003: FastHLR) to "High quality" for all print and converting functions (in SolidWorks you need at least version 2004 and is only available for printing)
  • Added favorites for most commonly used folders, gives fast access to project or standard folders
  • Fix: after opening the registration dialog without entering correct regcode on registered version PAC4SWX closes
 1.6.2 08/06/2003

  • Batch conversion for parts, assemblies and drawings in various formats. If you have SolidWorks 2004 installed it is possible to export to PDF (also in prior versions)
  • Batch conversion for parts, assemblies and drawings as eDrawings. Some settings are only possible with SW2004 and above, some settings regarding model configurations are not possible (API calls are missing)
  • Preview of SolidWorks documents if selected in filelist or PAC list. SolidWorks must be installed for this to work but don't need to be running.
    Option to suppress all warning and error dialogs from SolidWorks while printing or converting. This setting is only availible from option-menu.
    WARNING: it is strongly recommended not to turn of the warning and error dialogs
 1.5.0 01/26/2003

  • Added horizontal splitter to change the width of listviews 
  • Added more resize abilities for main window 
  • Add batch export for 3D models to all possible formats like Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES, STL and VRML 
  • Added horizontal scrollbars for listboxes (for long file names or PAClist entries) 
 1.4.0 11/09/2002

  • It is now possible to filter sheet for processing depending on their sheetnames. You can enter up to two "must contain" and up to two "may not contain" filters
  • PAC-list entries can now be push up or down to easily bring them in the correct order (also with multiselected entries)
  • PAC-list entries can now be sorted alphabetically (ascending or descending)
  • PAC-list now accepts dragdroped filenames 
  • Printer selection and settings now works with SolidWorks 2003 The system how the printer settings are used and stored were changed again ;-)
 1.3.4 05/09/2002

  • Fixed issue with empty filelistbox on Novell or NT server network drives where 8.3 naming is disabled (Bug in Microsft VB filelistbox control)
  • Option "Close SolidWorks after processing list" added
    Useful to free the license of SolidWorks after an unattended job is completed
  • Option "Restart SolidWorks every ... drawings"
    To avoid memory overflow when processing huge lists of drawings PAC4SWX can close and restart SolidWorks
  • Option added to ignore custom defined header and footer for printing and TIFF conversion. These option can be select in the print or TIFF setting dialogs.
    The options are useful with SolidWorks 2001Plus, where the header/footer are stored with the document. If you generate prints or TIFF to archive you would have to check each drawing if header/footer is set by a previous user of that drawing
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect sequence in PAC-list
  • If custom sheetsize is exatly the same width and height as a standard format it will now be printed to the defined printer for that standard size. Example: you have a custom sheetsize of 22.00 x 17.00 inches. Now PAC4SWX will use the printer defined for C-Size and not for "other"
  • Added quick access button for printer preferences in the printer settings dialog.
    ATTENTION: this will only work on Windows NT/2000/XP
 1.3.0 04/02/2002

  • Added option to open drawings in view-only mode. Huge drawings can be opened and printed much faster. This won't work for conversion (SolidWorks limitation)
    ATTENTION: drawing may be out-of-date if opened view-only
  • Added option to open drawings in read-only mode (user enhancement request)
 1.2.0 03/16/2002

  • Use of selected printers in PAC4SWX will now work in SolidWorks 2001Plus. The printer saved with the document is ignored, so the behavior is like before.
  • PAC4SWX can be started even if no printer is installed if you only want to convert drawings.
    (NOT recommended, for the print functions may crash)
  • If no printer is installed you will get a warning and PAC4SWX is terminated. This will overcome the limintation of the "Runtime error 9" on startup.
  • If TIFF/DXF/DWG target directory is missing you will get a warning and the converted files are placed in the directory of the drawing automatically.
  • Sheetorientation is set based on width/height instead of SolidWorks sheetproperty. With this enhancement user  defined sheetsizes are oriented properly.
 1.1.4 01/24/2002

  • Reactivate drawing from derived parts prior to printing or converting. In earlier version the last opened referenced part was active and was printed/converted.
 1.1.3 01/16/2002

  • Option added to convert drawings to TIF,DXF or DWG and use only the file name
 1.1.2 08/11/2001

  • Runtime Error (380) solved. This error only occured on system running Windows 95/98
  • Catched typos (but I'm sure not all of them :-)
  • More detailed english help
1.1.0 07/28/2001

  • PAC-list won't be sorted automatically any more. Drawings will be added at the end of the list or before a selected listmember. To get rid of the selection just right click in the listwindow. With this solution it is possible to have the drawings be rpinted in the order the user desires. 
  • Option added to access the PAC-list from last to first entry (usefull, if the desired printer prints face-down)
  • It is now possible to use an active drawing in SolidWorks instead of the PAC-list. All settings for printer, TIFF, DXF or DWG are used.
  • There are new options for printers. Now you can set the printer line width for each drawing size. This is espacially useful if you want to print an A0 to A4 format or similar, for you usually are forced to reduce the line width. For this function SolidWorks 2001 SP4 and higher is needed.
  • All settings for printer, TIFF, DXF and DWG can be saved and loaded to or from a configuration file (standard extension *.paccfg)
 1.0.1 06/10/2001

  • Problem on generating TIFF with userdefined sheetsizes adressed (width and height are flipped due to a bug in API documentation)
  • Papersizes for printers are now gathered from printer device to access all possible sizes
  • spanish language file (many thanks to DANFERES)
 1.0.0 04/30/2001

first public version

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