PAC4SWX Pre/postfix settings

PAC4SWX is a tool to print and convert SolidWorks drawing. With PAC4SWX you can choose multiple drawings from your filesystem and print or convert all sheets of all drawings in one step. PAC4SWX will take care of the different sheet sizes.

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Set pre- an dpostfixes for filenames

You can set the options for pre- and püostfixes to filenames PAC4SWX will use for saving files. 

The settings can be saved on a user-bases in the main dialog. If you want to store the settings in a file or read them from a file you may do so from the main dialog.


The pre- and postfixes are useful if you have to rename the exported files always on a regular base and have to add additional characters before or after the SolidWorks filename. This function helps in preventing such tasks.

The dialog is separated in two areas. You have access to this settings:

You can use several wildcards; the colon is used as an opening character for it is not allowed in filenames itself.

Wildcard Description
:d day with leading zero (01 - 31)
:m month day with leading zero (01 - 12)
:y year with 4 digits (2005)
:h hour day with leading zero (00 - 23)
:n minute day with leading zero (00 - 59) ATTENTION: not m but n (like in VB)
:s second day with leading zero (00 - 59)


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